Develop a strong relationship with your users.

They will not leave you.


Guide your users

Go further than a simple listening of your content. Propose them to create their own library, make them discover your latest contents, etc.
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Cécilia H - CEO @ KEMKZ
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Win the loyalty of your audience, boost your retention

Create a special relationship with your users by enabling them to subscribe to their favorite contents.
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Cécila H. - CEO @ KEMKZ

Improve your
user knowledge

According to what your listeners like, optimize your contents and enrich your Data Management Platform.
Custom integration

Frequently asked questions

Can I connect StayTuned to my current host ?
I haven't yet got an host or I want to change my hosting, can you host my audio contents ?
Yes we can securely host your content through the Amazon Web Services infrastructure.
If you want to change your hosting, the migration will be automatic using your current RSS feed.
Is your player multi-devices ? Does it work on web and in-app ?
The player automatically adapts to the broadcasting environment so it works on desktop, web-mobile & in-app (iOS, Android).
Can I monetize my audio contents with advertising ?
You can connect the StayTuned player to your adserver through the VAST or DAAST protocol in order to make your inventory accessible to all sources of demand (direct & programmatic).
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