Increase the time spent on your environments through audio

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Provide a native audio experience

Increase the amount of time spent on your sites and mobile applications by enabling your users to consume your content in the best conditions.

Showcase your content with our promotional tools

Push your content out directly to your audience however you want.  Organise your verticals and playlists to enhance your editorial offering.
Vue éditorialisation plateforme
Vue analytics plateforme

Measure your listeners’ engagement with your content

Get precise consumption data so you can analyse your content’s performance.

Centralised management of your audio strategy

Add and manage all of your free or paid audio content.
Broadcast on your different sites and mobile applications as well as on all of the podcast platforms.
Audio player
Integrate the best native audio player on your web and mobile  (iOS, Android and Cordova) environments.
Choose between a plug & play installation or bespoke integration through our SDKs and APIs.
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