Media & Audio Publishers

Engage and retain your users thanks to audio

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Increase time spent in your environment

Offer your audience the best audio experience, so they will want to linger longer in your web and mobile environments.

Secure listener loyalty

Implement distribution strategies that will turn your regular (but anonymous) listeners into registered members.

Fine tune your audio content editorialisation

Create editorialised playlists and your own categories, for efficient content supply on your platforms.

Enjoy accurate usage data

A few clicks will show performance and trends by content.

Monetise your audience

Expand your sign-up and subscription strategies.  You can also take advantage of our promotional solutions, generating revenue through inStream advertising and sponsorship

Flexible integration with your existing platforms

Choose between a customised plug & play installation, or bespoke integration using our SDKs or APIs.

Your own streaming application

Provide your users with your own audio application.  Completely CMS-driven, it’s available for web, iOS and Android.
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