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The most complete audio experience

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Enable your customers to fully enjoy your audio contents on desktop & mobile devices with your own audio application.
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100% Audio

Gain audiences's loyalty by offering an environment fully dedicated to your audio contents. Propose advanced listening features to your customers on Web, iOS and Android environments.

An experience that fits your brand image

Benefit from various customization options to give your style and personality to your app.
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Manage tour contents accurately from the platform

Organize your contents by categories and playlists and highlight the most important ones.

Optimise your audio strategy through accurate analytics

With a few clicks you can explore how your different content is performing, and measure your listeners’ engagement with it.
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Control and manage your whole audio strategy

Manage in real-time your contents from the StayTuned Platform.
We manage everything about setup and maintenance on your web & mobile app.
Continuous upgrades
Benefit from regular upgrades that guarantee your app will always meet the highest quality standards.
Measure how and where your contents perform the most.
Connect your own tools to place your app at the core of your IT system.
SSO & Authentication
Setup your own signup & login systems.
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