Audio Production

You want to transform into audio your text-based contents?

Benefit from our turnkey service solution to quickly adapt your existing text contents while benefiting from high-quality audios
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Select your contents

Choose blog articles, use cases, customers stories, white papers, etc. you want to adapt into audio by sending them trough the form at the bottom of this page.

Briefing & Scripting

We analyze deeply your contents to identify some pronunciation points that should be double-checked with you. We can adapt some parts to get a better spoken rendering and you'll be notified for every major change?

Order confirmation & Recording

According to the length of your text content we send you a quote to be paid via Stripe. Once you confirm the order we give the script to a voice actor that will record the content.

Post-production & Delivery

Vocal parts are then send to our post-production process to get the cleaned and final mix ready to be streamed. You will be notified by e-mail as soon as your audio content is made available in your platform account.

A flexible pricing relative to the lenght of your contents

Use our simulator to get a quote about how much you should pay for adapting your content

1025 €
5000 words
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