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The greek islands

Travelling around the greek island is your dream ?
But you don’t know where to start and what to see. With our podcast The greek islands, we offer you a free audio trip around the greek island. Discover 3 of them in our shows.
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Published on May, 11th 2020
The Island of Hydra is a range of mountain sitting on the sea. The rocky inhospitable coast scatterred its cliffs into the waves, leaving very few places for sailors to land, except in the mean town...
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Published on February, 2nd 2020
In ancient times, the few hundred meters that separate the mainland from the island of Pourers could be crossed on foot. The narrow channel explains the name of the island...
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Published on December, 8th 2019
As we head for the south of the Aegean, we pass the island of Ios. This island was far enough away for the ancient Romans to use it as a place of exile for convicted prisoners...
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