Audio Embeds

Augment your website or mobile app by integrating natively audio to your pages.
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Multiply touchpoints

Make audio a 1st-class citizen of your website by integrating it seamlessly to your pages. The audio player is plug-and-play and you don't need to change anything about the structure of your website!

Highlight your audios with the Audio Widgets

Select the style of widgets you want to promote efficiently your programs and audios on your web pages.

Add interactivity

With the chapters timeline users can quickly browse the key moments of your contents and start them directly. You can also enrich your texts by adding audio timecode to them to embed precisely some pieces of audio content.

Benefit from a tailor-made integration thanks to the SDK

Use our web and iOS/Android SDK to deliver your very own audio experience and control precisely your integration.

Control your audio experience seamlessly

Player settings
Access different display options to set your player (position, color, notification, etc.)
Customize your widgets in just a few clicks through the embed editor to merge them totally into your brand identity.
Zero code
No coding skill are required to implement and control the player. You only need to copy/paste a short code snippet on your page or CMS.
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