Features that suits your audio strategy


Provide your users with an optimal audio experience

Background playback
Enable your listeners to listen to your content while doing something else.
Offline mode
Enable your users to download your content to listen to it anywhere, anytime.
Your users can subscribe to your contents,
manage their favorites & create their own playlists.
Advanced listening features
Sleep timer, playback speed, resume playback, history, etc. Provide your users with a complete audio experience.
Bluetooth, Airplay & Chromecast
Enable your users to listen to your contents with any connected device.
Your users can easily share your contents to their contacts.

Handle your contents in a flexible & powerful way

Content import
Upload your content on our servers or use your existing RSS feeds to benefit from automatic synchronization of your contents.
Choose how you want to display your contents on your websites & applications. Organize your own categories & sections.
Offer your very own audio experience by personalizing the player.
Audio widgets
Create your own audio widgets to embed your audios & fit them into your application design.

Measure, analyze & make your data actionable

Listening analytics
Access details about listeners, sessions, listening sources or peak times for each of your contents.
Engagement metrics
Measure the engagement of your listeners by analysing the listening durations, engagement rate & the retention on your contents.
Analytics & CRM integrations
Activate your consumption data right within your existing marketing, analytics & CRM tools.

Create a profitable audio strategy

Advertising monetization
Connect the StayTuned player to your ad-server through our VAST/DAAST integration in order to deliver your pre-roll campaigns.
Subscriptions & exclusive contents
Choose which contents you want to keep for your authenticated users or subscribers.
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