3 good reasons to provide your white papers and e-books in  audio format

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When it comes to BtoB, confidence and reassurance are key.  And a « voice » gives a company the human touch. It’s no accident that many BtoB players, leaders in their field, such as Intercom, Hubspot or Salesforce have brought audio on board in their content strategy. Audio is both a practical and personal platform.

Maybe you’re saying

« Create a podcast?  I don’t have the necessary resources or the time to find relevant topics, canvass guests, handle the recording, etc. ».

Actually, it would be too limiting to only look at audio from that angle.  You already produce a type of content with all of the features that audio content consumers are looking for. You guessed it - we’re talking about your white papers and e-books !


In this article we’ll be looking at the 3 reasons that make it essential to provide your white papers and e-books in an audio version.

Recycling content efficiently

As you know, a scalable, efficient content strategy means maximum content recycling. 

Recycling articles for webinars, e-Books, video, social networks posts… those are pretty much the basics.  But is providing your content in audio format afterwards a natural reflex for you? 

Video format, for example, can be used for a product demo, a customer testimonial, a round table, a webinar, a web series, an ad, etc. 

Well guess what ? That’s all true for audio format too ! 

Spoken audio isn’t just about podcasts. Most importantly, it’s a fabulous format for learning and sharing knowledge.

Yourwhite papers are high-quality raw material that is just crying out to be repurposed inaudio format!
You really don’t need to put a lot of time and resources into creating this type of content. And providing your content in audio form will let you develop points of contact with your BtoB target – they are always on the lookout for intellectually stimulating content. 

Juliette, Inbound Marketing Manager at Spendesk made that choice :
As an Inbound Manager one of my roles is to find ways to « recycle » existing content in other formats.
StayTuned helped us provide our content in a completely new format, and our target audience loved it!
Juliette Hervé
Inbound Marketing Manager @ Spendesk

Spending time with prospects

Let me tell you about Mike. Mike is the Marketing Director in a large company. He’s 40, married, with 3 children.

He gets up at 7 a.m., and from then on, his schedule is packed… Shower, get the kids ready, drop them off at school and nursery, then on to the office for 9, 9:30…

A typical workday is really busy. Between meetings, and demands of all sorts, he doesn’t have a spare minute. Back home in the evenings, it’s the start of another day with the kids. Then once they’re in bed, around 9 p.m., he enjoys an episode or two of House of Cards with his wife. 

Despite all of that, he needs to be constantly up to date on new solutions that could be useful for his work, but he doesn’t always have the time to go through blog articles or 30-page white-papers, or watch hour-long webinars.
I’m sure Mike sounds very familiar… In fact he’s probably fairly typical of the vast majority of your targets…

So the obvious question is : as a BtoB marketer, how can you reach Mike ? 

Well, despite all of this activity he, and everybody else, does have some « down » time in his day. 

Everyone spends some of their time travelling, cooking, doing time-consuming tasks, or practicing their sport… These moments are perfect for spending time with your prospects ! 

Not trying to sell your products, but providing them with content that will help them grow and learn about specific topics, which is the essential aim of successful content strategies.  And audio is the perfect channel for it !

Joël, CMO at Hivency didn’tthink twice about grabbing this new opportunity:‍
We were able to recycle our e-book in an authentic format and reach a part of our target audience that doesn’t have time for reading, while collecting accurate data on their listening behaviour.
Joël Gaudeul
CMO @ Hivency
According to an Ifop survey, 74% of spoken audio listeners use it to learn more about a subject !

And the same study shows that listeners like audio content because they can do something else at the same time : 
*Ifop survey - Podcast consumption - 2020

Gaining precious insights by analysing how content is heard

That 30-page e-book you spent weeks on is starting to get downloads?  Great news !  But what happens then? 

If the aim was just to generate a lead through a form, you could have made do with a 3-page e-Book with a catchy title. But if you spent so much time producing dense, quality content, it’s because you know that e-books are about more than « just » generating leads. 

The aim of an e-book is above all to produce content that will help your audience learn more about a particular topic, while demonstrating your expertise on the subject. 

And if you want to measure that objective, just counting incoming emails isn’t going to be enough.  You need detailed indicators on how your content is being consumed. 

The questions you should ask yourself are, for example: 
  • Do my leads actively consume my content ?
  • Which of my content themes interest them the most ?
  • When is my content consumed?
  • Is my content effective ?

An audio version of your e-Book can give you the answers to all of those questions, with detailed analysis of listening behaviour: number of actual listens, average duration, completion rate, retention, timings, etc.

Charlène from Zendesk can now answer all of those questions thanks to the audio version of her e-books :
Audio helps us engage our audience differently, in contexts that we haven’t used up until now!  Also, by providing detailed insights into consumption of our audio content, StayTuned enables us to better measure its performance.
Charlène Hautoy
Senior Commercial Marketing Manager @ Zendesk
To summarise, audio is the perfect channel for engaging your prospects, who are increasingly in demand throughout their day. Providing your white papers, e-books and other marketing publications in audio format means you can supply content that is perfectly suited to today’s changing habits – and tomorrow’s – with a minimum of effort from you and your staff.

At StayTuned, that’s what we do 😊 !  Like Zendesk, Spendesk or Hivency to name but a few, give us your PDF, and we’ll do the rest !
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